This is Metabolic Radio, the podcast dedicated to keeping you informed when it comes to everything fitness 

The hosts of Metabolic Radio are seasoned fitness professionals Taylor Empey and Shane Pace who aim to expose the truths about the health and fitness industry. We aim to separate fact from fiction when it come to health, fitness, and nutrition.

Our goal is to deliver accurate and effective fitness information to our listeners and provide the highest value programs and training guides to help you see better, more permanent results in your health and fitness.


Taylor's passion for fitness first began when he started training in Taekwondo in 2008. Since then he has trained in over 8 different martial arts and self defense styles. Taylor achieved his 1st degree black belt 6 years later.

Taylor holds multiple nationally accredited certifications in personal training, exercise therapy, and nutrition and he is a certified life coach. He has also been featured as a local fitness authority on KSL5, ABC4, CW30, Salt Lake Magazine, HealthWarrior.com, and MaxMuscle.com.


Shane began studying health and fitness in the 1970's and spent 9 years as a personal trainer. He gained much of his experience and knowledge about the human body as a Licensed Massage Therapist. He spent over 13 years in this industry. He has studied martial arts for over 32 years and founded his own self defense style in 1986.